About Blackjack Betting

People who enjoy a flutter no longer need to make a trip out to the local poker game or to visit the blackjack tables at an upscale casino in town. The birth of the online casino has meant that an increasing number of players and gamblers can now enjoy their favorite hobbies from the comfort of their home.

Blackjack, otherwise known as 21, is a casino game of both luck and skill. Because of the luck component, even the most skilled player can not win all the time. But, having some knowledge of blackjack betting will give you some advantage and may help improve the odds in your favor.

Betting strategies

There are different types of betting strategies that may be used in playing blackjack. One type is concerned with the initial bet on each hand before cards are dealt and is based on hands won or lost in prior plays. A different strategy is concerned with placing additional bets in certain situations during the hand while the cards are still in play.

Negative Progression

A strategy known as negative progression suggests that every time you lose a hand of blackjack, you should double your bet on the next hand. The idea is that when you do have a winning hand, you will recoup all of your losses and perhaps also come out some money ahead. This strategy assumes that because of probability, a losing streak will not continue for too many hands.

Positive Progression

The opposite of negative progression, the strategy of positive progression requires the bet to be doubled after each winning hand, rather than after a losing hand. The idea is to maximize winnings while in the middle of a lucky streak. The assumption, just like negative progression, is that probability over time will make losing and winnings hands equal in number.

Doubling Down

Once a hand of blackjack is in play, there are a few betting techniques that may be used. Doubling down is one of them. The player may elect to do this on any hand he desires, and is allowed to make his bet double the original amount. Then he is dealt one and only one card. If it turns out that his hand beats that of the dealer, he wins the amount of his doubled bet.

Splitting Pairs

Splitting pairs of cards that a player is dealt is another possible betting strategy. The player is allowed to separate the paired cards, make a second bet equal to his original bet, and receive more cards for each hand. Mostly, the player gets to play two hands at a time instead of one, with the possibility of winning twice as much.

Blackjack betting in casinos can be very complex, but it is all aimed at giving the player a slight advantage over the dealer and therefore coming out ahead long term. Blackjack, like any other casino game of chance, requires not only knowledge but also discipline to play well. Regardless of strategy, it is considered unwise to play with money one cannot afford to lose.

Some luxury casinos run weekly specials for people who enjoy playing a game of blackjack, with the chance of winning a little extra cash. It’s also possible for you to play live blackjack at some online casinos and meet other players with the same interests.